About Air-Tow

A few features that make AIR-TOW the industry leader:

  • Full automatic, self contained, dual air suspension system
  • Three inch wider deck while maintaining the same overall width
  • Fifty percent thicker deck plate to prevent warpage from heavy loads
  • Lower ramp angle for easier hand dolly and pallet jack loading and ground level loading
  • All new axle design eliminating unnecessary tire wear
  • No tire exposure beyond the trailer frame (making it legal in ALL states)
  • Easy, accessible brake adjustment
  • Anti-theft, master lock switch
  • Improved automatic deck lock
  • Adjustable safety chain
  • High capacity, 8-lug – 16″ wheels with 12 ply tires on all models
  • Increased number of “D” tie down rings to a total of 8
  • Plus many other accessories such as extended “E-track” rails, safety lights, solar chargers and more!