Nature's Way Resources

Nature's Way Resources provides Environmentally Safe and Effective products and solutions for customers. These solutions range from organic waste disposal, to gardening and landscaping supplies, consulting and much more.

NWR's mission is to provide a source of natural products that work within and with the laws of nature, not fight against nature, and to help restore our earth to the way GOD loaned it to us. Our goal isto provide products that are safe for children, beloved pets, and our neighbors.

NWR products are 100% organic and made naturally. NO dangerous synthetic chemicals, dies or stains; hence they are safe for children,loved ones and family pets.  NWR focus is on quality to ensure our customers get the best products for their gardens and landscape projects.

NWR follows the revised (Spring 2000) USDA/NRCS guidelines for healthy soil as specified in the "Soil Biology Primer" available by calling 1-800-THE-SOIL Ext.24 or E-mail at It may also be downloaded and printed from: